The Crew

Meet Louma

Louma shakes and bakes, but mostly she cooks and crafts. Louma met Max while building a community garden in Israel. Louma was gobsmacked when a dump truck showed up to deliver 2 cubic tons of soil that Max ordered for their urban garden.

Meet Andy

Andy works hard for what he believes in. Max, Louma and Nina believe Andy can do anything! Andy married Nina in Mexico. After 3 years of growing mushrooms on his own, Nina nudged Andy to bring his mushrooms to the masses.

Meet Max

Max likes to play with dirt. Max met Andy when Andy was doing a neighborly favor mowing Max's lawn. After overcooking one too many steaks together, Max and Andy decided to forge ahead converting Max's basement into a mushroom growing operation.

Meet Nina

Nina is the landscape designer who conceptualized Albion St Farm. In her free time Nina teaches Louma to speak Bulgarian. Nina is decisive, except at Costco where Andy and Louma refuse to join her and Max. Nina is Babka's favorite human.

Meet Babka

Babka is a dog, a mongrel to be precise. Demanding belly rubs is her favorite pastime. Babka is as sweet as her namesake. She will treat you like you are the first human being she has ever met and she loves human beings. But she also loves other dogs and infants. Yeah, Babka likes babies the most. Babka herself is a big baby. SWithout Babka, we couldn't legitimately call ourselves a farm. Give Babka her fair share of pets and thank her for making our dreams your reality.